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Monday, March 19, 2007

Roger Bennett

I like everyone else was saddened Saturday morning to hear of the passing of Roger Bennett. Having just returned home this morning this is my first opportunity to write about it. Although Roger was not a close friend of mine, I have had the opportunity to meet him and visit with him on several occasions. Roger was always wonderful to visit with. I don't have much else to say about Roger beyond what has already been said. He was a wonderful gentleman and he gave his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. He was certainly one of the classiest performers, on and off stage. Roger was a friend of the Dixie Echoes. Randy Shelnut and Roger have been best friends since Roger started with the Cathedrals and stayed in touch on a regular basis. Randy "Scoot" Shelnut, Jr. and Roger were both diagnosed with cancer within a year of each other and developed a unique relationship through their common circumstance, and Stewart Varnado and Roger had become best friends over the last 9 years that Stewart has been in SG music. Naturally we finished our concerts this weekend with very heavy hearts. But the same God that has completed His promise with Roger, also filled our hearts with joy and comforted us. It is great to know that Roger's battle is over and that he is resting in the arms of Jesus now. Just before Roger was placed in ICU Randy had the opportunity to speak with him by phone. Although Roger's voice was weak and hard to understand he told Randy, "I'm a winner either way!" Many of the videos and pictures below you may have seen on other sites but I'm adding them to my post mainly for me. If you've already seen them, then enjoy them again!

Remembering Roger Bennett

Roger Bennett and Anthony Burger, NQC 1995

Roger Bennett - Heros of the Faith

Roger Bennett - Testimony

Members of the Dixie Echoes visiting with Roger during Legacy Five's Celebration 2006

Stewart Varnado, Roger Bennett, and Randy Shelnut visiting at Legacy Five's Celebration! 2006

"Scoot" Shelnut and Roger visiting after a concert in Augusta, Georgia

Stewart Varnado and Roger during "Roger Bennetts Parade of Pianos" at NQC 2005


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