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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New pics of Ryan

Dixie Echoes Concert 2/21/09

Saturday, February 21, 2009 marked the beginning of my very own promotions company, Louisiana Gospel Promotions. This was our first concert, and naturally I had to have the Dixie Echoes! As usual they did an outstanding job. It was great to see these guys again and talk about old times. Stay tuned for information on our next concert. Until then enjoy these few photos from the Dixie Echoes concert.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Be There!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Tracy, Valerie, and Ryan


Monday, December 01, 2008

Too Much To Gain To Lose, Remembering Billy Todd September 26, 1929 - November 30, 2008

In the early morning hours of Sunday November 30, 2008 the Heavenly Choir gained one of the finest bass voices this earthly life has ever known. At the age of 79, Billy Todd passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

It certainly was an privilege to join the Dixie Echoes but also to follow immediately in the footsteps of such a great bass singer and wonderful person. In fact, it's quite intimidating! I had numerous opportunities to sit and visit with Billy before becoming a member of the Dixie Echoes. He always had a kind word to say, or a funny story to pass along. One of the greatest honors was when I was selected to be Billy's replacement he told me that he couldn't think of a better person to follow him. Anytime we would sing close to Pensacola, Billy would be there. He was always encouraging and supportive to me and it was always a pleasure to be able to sing next to him when we had the chance. On several occasions I had the opportunity to go out and eat with Billy and his wife Jane and Stewart Varnado. Those were great times and I will always remember them.

The last time I saw Billy was at the first J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing in June, 2007. By this time the Alzheimer's was beginning to take quite a toll on him. But when Billy took the stage with all of the former Dixie Echoes and Florida Boys members it was obvious he was where he was meant to be. His face lit up and he fell back into that old groove doing what he loved to do. That was the last time I saw Billy face to face. Periodically Stewart would give me reports on Billy's health and unfortunately he seemed to get worse with each report. Thankfully he's finally in a better place with a sound mind and singing in the greatest choir of gospel singers ever! He will certainly be missed but someday soon we'll all join in together when all of God's singers get home!

Here are some links to other rememberances of Billy Todd:

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Below are some pictures from my personal collection.

Ray Reese, Billy Todd, and Randy "Scoot" Shelnut, Jr. Billy graciously filled in for me so I could take the weekend off to get married. June, 2006

This was probably one of the most popular line-ups of the Florida Boys. (L-R): Glen Allred, Derrell Stewart, Les Beasley, Tommy Atwood, and Billy together again at the J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing June, 2007.

Here's that same group on the set of the popular television series the Gospel Singing Jubilee (L-R): Derrell, Glen, Les, Billy, and Tommy

Bass singers were plentiful at the first J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing June, 2007 (L-R): Mike Bullock, Butch Owens, Tracy Crouch, and Billy

Billy cheering on Mike Bullock as Mike bottoms out on the ending of a song. J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing June, 2007.

Everyone watching as Billy once again sings his part on "Have A Little Talk With Jesus" J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing June, 2007.

To the best of my knowledge this was the last time Billy stepped on stage to sing. Once again he shows that he can still sing with the best of 'em! J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing June, 2007.

Billy and myself at a concert in Marianna, Florida. At this time Billy was singing with the Bibletones Quartet.

Billy, you are loved and will be missed greatly, may we meet again soon my friend!

Here is a clip of Billy singing his favorite song, "Too Much To Gain To Lose" with the Florida Boys from the Gospel Singing Jubilee

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ryan 9 Months & Beauregard Parish Fair

Well, here I am again posting more pictures of Ryan! Sorry, I've been a little off schedule updating the pictures. Ryan will be turning 10 months old later this week and I haven't even posted any 9 month pictures!! So here ya go, Enjoy!!

Ryan and Daddy getting ready to head outside!

Ryan watching his favorite gospel quartet, The Dixie Echoes.

He told us he was tired of his current hairdo and wanted another

Uhmm....son, thats not where your pants go...quit acting like your mother!! ;o)

I guess we're not feeding him enough because he's resorted to eating his socks...

...and shoes!!

He's getting sooo big!

He's beginning to become quite a monkey

This is "Sleepy" Ryan

Having fun flooding the bathroom

He loves playing in the tub, guess we'll have to find him a small swimming pool next summer

Touchdown!!! Ryan cheering on the LSU Tigers!

Ryan's utter disappointment when LSU lost to Georgia

Beauregard Parish Fair-Petting Zoo

Meeting some hungry goats for the first time

Some curious cows

Don't worry, he didn't eat any of the feed!

I'm guessing this guy isn't native to Beauregard Parish

Up close and personal!!

Ryan's not too sure about the camel

Mommy teaching Ryan how to say..."Moooooo!!!"

This little guy thought Ryan's stroller was edible. While I was trying to take this picture another of his buddies flanked me and was nibbling at my cell phone. I'm sure they plan this stuff out in advance, they're all in on it!!

All-in-all Ryan really enjoyed the petting zoo. After that we had the ritualistic fair funnel cake. I grabbed a boudin link and we headed for the house.

Stay tuned for more pictures!