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Friday, October 12, 2007

Time To Talk About My Baby!!

So it took having a baby for Chad to make it on my blog, but hey, this is MY blog and we're expecting our own child later this year! Ryan Theodore Crouch, to be exact. So now its my turn!! Valerie and I went for another check up today. We're excited to report that everything is still going just perfectly and on track for a safe, full-term pregnancy. According to the ultrasound tech, Valerie is roughly 28 weeks and 2 days along. She also said that Ryan was about 3 1/2 pounds. After the ultrasound the doctor came in for the examination and nothing but great things to say, and that Valerie was about 1 week ahead of schedule!! So that means we could possibly have a Christmas baby!! Stay tuned, it looks like its going to be an eventful Christmas season! Below are the ultrasound pics from today. Ryan is getting very active and we had a hard time getting him to stay still long enough to get a good view, but the ultrasound tech did a great job in getting some good views.

A great view of the legs

A profile of the head.

A face shot; the scan isn't as good as the original, but you can see most of the details here.

Now that you've seen the's the outside!!

Valerie's not only looking very pregnant, but she's really feeling it now!

Friday, October 05, 2007

And the world welcomes, Reagan Nicole Meek!!

So my best friend Chad has been bugging me since I started this blog to write something about him. I really haven't been ignoring him, or refusing to blog about him, I just couldn't come up with anything to say!! And honestly, some of the pictures I had of really wasn't they way I wanted many of you to meet my good buddy.

BUT...finally I have something to blog about!! On September 27, 2007, Chad and his wife Beth welcomed into the world their first child, Miss Reagan Nicole Meek! God has certainly blessed Chad and Beth with a beautiful baby girl. In some ways, I'm kinda jealous, he gets to experience it before I do! I know, I know, my turn is comin'. After my first week with no sleep ask me again how jealous I am! I'm actually very excited for Chad and Beth and wish them all the best! Anyone else think that the name Valerie and I picked out for our future son, which will be Ryan, would be a great match with Reagan?!? Hmmm......only time will tell!

Chad was the Best Man at my wedding. I think this picture was snapped just after he wrestled the keys to my car from me.

Sometimes I think it takes moments like this to be great parents. But...then again...;o)

Chad and Beth's first "child", Spanky. Ya'll did much better on names this time 'round!

Really...we hope Reagan takes after her mom!!

Miss Reagan wanted to make a grand entrance into this world. On Thursday the plans were to induce Beth, but Reagan's heart rate kept dropping so an emergency C-section was performed. As you can see, everything worked out just fine!

Here she is! All 9 lbs 2 oz's and 21 inches of her!

Congratulations Chad and Beth, you'll make wonderful parents!

Something tells me that big bad cop daddy is turning into a big softy wofty!! Reagan has daddy right where she wants him and doesn't even know it yet!!

Reagan says "Bye!" Until the next time! I think Chad's caption for this photo was, "Talk to the hand!"