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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Great Night With Friends

Recently I drove down to Silsbee, TX to see an old friend of mine, Andrew King. Some of you may remember Andrew from his time with the Dixie Melody Boys. Andrew grew up singing with his dad's group The Calvary Boys Quartet. At some point Andrew along with his younger brother Aaron and Timothy Roberson; son of Calvary Boys Quartet baritone, Chip Roberson, formed the Calvary Boys Trio which made special appearances at the quartet's concerts. Since graduating from "Ed O'Neal University" Andrew and the Calvary Boys Trio have begun making appearances again with the quartet. This was the case that night in Silsbee. Also on the program that night was Karen Peck & New River, Legacy Five, and our good friend Danny Jones of the Singing News magazine. It was great to see and visit with Danny again. Be sure and read Danny's review of this concert by clicking HERE. All-in-all it was a great program and a great time visiting with old friends. By the way...there may be some changes in the near future for the Calvary Boys "Trio", they seem to think there may be a bass singer wanting some place to sing.........Stay tuned to this channel, we'll keep you advised!

The "Former Dixie's Quartet" L-R: Aaron King, Andrew King(Dixie Melody Boys), Devin McGlamery(Dixie Melody Boys), and Tracy Crouch(Dixie Echoes).

New pics of Ryan

Hanging out at cousin Sarah's Birthday party. L-R: Sarah, Ryan, and Matthew.

Ryan has become a professional shoe untier!

Ryan finally figured out how to crawl "forward". Now we can't keep up with him!!

His new favorite toy...whatever its called...

Such serious concentration!

Such a big man!

I think he's going to be a singer!

Look out! I'm going to be walking soon!

Watching his favorite show...Elmo!

Pulling up on the couch trying to get to daddy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


YES!!! We are still alive!!! I realize it's been almost 3 months since I've posted here, but we've been busy! So I'll try to get you caught up as quickly as possible. I completed my police academy training in June and passed my State Officer Exam. I also completed my field training as a Crestview Police Officer, and really enjoyed working there.

After I was able to clear each of those hurdles successfully...we MOVED!!! Yup, that's what I said, we now live in DeRidder, Louisiana; Valerie's hometown. Due to major budget cuts in the Okaloosa County School District, Valerie was unable to keep her job teaching in Crestview. So we began to pray and seek God's direction on where we should go. To make a long story short, God opened the doors for Valerie to secure a job teaching in her hometown. The great advantage in moving back to Louisiana is that her teaching certificate was still valid and it places us much closer to our families. We've been here about 3 weeks now and are slowly settling in. Currently we're living with Valerie's mom in an attempt to save as much money as possible and try to get our own place next year sometime. I am in the process of applying with the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office and hopefully that will pan out just fine. We'll there it is...briefly. It's not alot of words to cover 3 months but all of that kept us tremendously busy.

Ryan has been growing up so fast! He's now crawling all over the place and is already pulling himself up on whatever he can get ahold of. And he seems real interested in keeping the crawling to a minimum and wants to get on to walking as soon as possible. So I've selected a few photos picking up where my last post left off. Enjoy!!! I'm off to see what Ryan has gotten into now!

I think Maddie is a fan of baby food now!

Ryan hanging out with dad before work.

My ride in Crestview.

Ryan was very excited to see all the buttons and switches he thought he was going to play with! father, like son??

Ryan's dedication at Crestview First Church of the Nazarene.

I thought this was a cool picture.

Is this how you read the newspaper?

Hey ya'll!!!

From a toy's perspective!

Thinking it over...

What a handsome man!

Before Ryan found his "forward" gear, his "reverse" gear got him into some interesting places!

Watching the Sunday School Songs dvd with cousins Sydney and Emily.

You haven't had a happy childhood without a laundry basket photo!

Gimme the camera daddy!

Sporting the new hat from his Aunt Cherie.

Hey! A chair just my size!

Great-Grandma Henderson with all of her Great-Grandchildren. (L-R): Matthew, Sarah, Ryan, Tessa, and Malia. try getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time!!!

...and again...

A great pic of Ryan and mommy!