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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Canonball Baptism-This is way too funny!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This One's For All You Pro-Choice People

Youngest Surviving Premature Baby Stays at Hospital

A baby born just 21 weeks and six days after conception will spend a few more days in a Florida hospital as a precaution, The Associated Press reported.

Amillia Taylor, born to Eddie and Sonja Taylor, was only nine and a half inches long and weighed less than 10 ounces when delivered in October. She is the first baby born prior to 23 weeks gestation to survive. Today she is almost 26 inches long and weighs 4 and a half pounds.

Though she has experienced some difficulty with underdeveloped lungs and digestive tract and had a mild brain hemorrhage, Dr. Paul Fassbach said none are expected to pose long-term health problems.

"We can deal with lungs and things like that, but, of course, the brain is the most important," he said. "But her prognosis is excellent."

Carrie Gordon Earll, senior analyst for bioethics at Focus on the Family Action, said viability is not a fixed point and as technology improves, so do the chances that premature babies will survive.

"This baby had several elements in her favor: good medical care and parents who wanted her to survive," she said. "The irony, of course, is that in most states it would be legal to abort this baby and others approaching or exceeding the age of viability."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Moscow Mayor Calls Gay Pride Parade Satanic

I wish our spineless government officials here in the U.S. would take a stand like this, for what they know is right and quit giving in to these freedom squelching political correctness morons! It's sad to say that the mayor of Moscow has more sense than most of our American mayors! Kudos to the Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov!

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said Monday he would never allow a gay parade to take place in Moscow despite pressure from the West, Russia’s RIA-Novosti news agency reports.

“Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as Satanic,” Luzhkov said at the 15th Christmas educational readings in the Kremlin Palace.

“We did not let the parade take place then, and we are not going to allow it in the future,” said Luzhkov who has been in office since 1992.

The conservative 70-year-old mayor of the Russian capital also banned Portuguese bullfights in Moscow in 2001 for their violence and did not let the St. Petersburg-based rock group Leningrad perform in the city because of their explicit lyrics.

Luzhkov thanked the attending head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, for his support at a time when, he said, the West is exerting considerable pressure on Moscow authorities and trying to promote gay relationships under the cover of creativity and freedom of expression.

“Religious thinkers throughout the world have said that the West has reached a crisis of faith. Some European nations bless single-sex marriages and introduce sexual guides in schools,” Luzhkov said. “Such things are a deadly moral poison for children.”

This is the second time Moscow authorities have banned a gay parade in Moscow. On May 26, 2006, a Moscow district court upheld a Moscow government resolution prohibiting a gay march, which was scheduled for the next day, as opposition to the planned event was strong in Russia, especially from the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious leaders.

Despite the ban, about 200 people took to the streets May 27 in an unsanctioned demonstration to mark the 13th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Russia.

The attempt resulted in violent clashes between sexual minorities and their opponents — representatives of a number of political parties, religious and radical movements — and the detention of some 120 people from both sides, most of whom were later released.

When Grandmas Go To Jail For Witnessing

Posted: February 7, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Janet Folger

Arrested for sharing the Gospel? An expected outcome in North Korea, China or any Muslim country on the globe. But in Pennsylvania? Yep. Arlene Elshinnawy, a 75-year-old grandmother of three, and Lynda Beckman, a 70-year-old grandmother of 10 (along with nine others), were arrested for sharing their faith on the public sidewalk in Philadelphia, Pa., USA. They faced 47 years (the rest of their lives) in jail for spreading the Gospel because of a Pennsylvania "hate crimes" law that is nearly identical to H.R. 254 – the "hate crimes" bill reintroduced in Congress and said to be on the "fast track" in the House Judiciary Committee. This is the same bill that previously passed both the House and Senate and was killed only because of Republican leadership opposition in conference – something we no longer have.

Don't believe hate crimes will silence your freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Think again.

Pastors in Pennsylvania are now seeking liability insurance to protect themselves from being prosecuted under the "hate speech" law. That's right. They are reacting to Pennsylvania's addition of "sexual orientation" to the state's hate crimes laws. Of particular concern was the expansion of the definition of "harassment" to include "harassment by communication" – which means one could be convicted based upon spoken words alone.

Their fear is a rational one. Hate crimes invariably lead to fines and jail time for those who "violate" them. Just ask Sweden's Pastor Ake Green. Green faced jail time for the content of his sermon. He read from Romans Chapter 1 – something that is no longer legal in Sweden.

The "hate crimes" – or more appropriately, "thought crimes" – bill is the single most dangerous bill in America. Along with its companion, the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act," or ENDA – "Thought Crimes for your Business"– is expected to pass this session of Congress. Bow to the homosexual agenda – endorse, embrace, subsidize and celebrate it – or go out of business. That's what it did to the largest and most respected adoption agency in Boston, Catholic Charities, who, by refusing to place vulnerable orphans in homosexual homes, was forced to close its doors. England's about to get a dose of the same.

But you don't speak out about homosexuality, you say? Think you're safe? Think again. Here are just a few examples I've highlighted my book, "The Criminalization of Christianity," where you'll find a whole lot more.

Protest Islam? That's a hate crime!

Maybe it had something to do with Sept. 11. Maybe it had something to do with the beheadings. Maybe it had something to do with what is written in the Quran. But Canadian Pastor Mark Harding doesn't believe the Muslim religion is one of peace. So when his local high school started handing out copies of the Quran and announced a policy of setting aside a room for Muslim students to pray during school hours, Pastor Harding protested. Didn't think it was a good idea – especially since Christian, Jewish and Buddhist kids weren't afforded the same opportunity.

After losing an appeal to Canada's Supreme Court Oct. 17, 2002, Harding was said to have "willfully promoted hatred" in violation of Canadian law that had just passed six months earlier. He was then forced to undergo two years probation and 340 hours of "community service" at the Islamic Society of North America in Mississauga, Ontario.

So, for the "crime" of handing out leaflets protesting a high school's pro-Muslim policy, Pastor Harding was ordered to do community service to further the very religion he morally opposed.

Harding, an evangelical Protestant, says his evangelism is motivated by love for the Muslim people (rather than hate). In fact, in a phone call used as "evidence" against him in the trial, Harding verbalizes that he loves them. He says he wants them to go to heaven. Yet he received more than 3,000 hate-filled calls – many of them death threats. Some motioned by running their finger across their neck from ear to ear. Upon entering court for his trial, he required police protection from a large crowd of Muslims who were chanting, "Infidels, you will burn in hell." Of course, that speech is loving.

Harding said, "I had a call from someone who said they were from (Louis) Farrakhan's (Nation of Islam) group, and they were going to break my legs." Adding, "Another caller said he would rip out my testicles." Can't you just feel the love?

But instead of just "stuffing envelopes" to promote the Muslim faith, his punishment included Islam indoctrination under the direction of Mohammad Ashraf, the general secretary of the Islam center. Under penalty of going to jail, Harding was forced to undergo Islamic "re-education," which included reading a book called "Towards Understanding Islam," by Sayyid Abul A'la Maududi, which provided a description of one who does not follow Islam, referred to as an infidel or a "kafir":

"Such a man ... will spread confusion and disorder on the earth," the book says. "He will, without the least compunction, shed blood, violate other men's rights, be cruel to them, and create disorder and destruction in the world. His perverted thoughts and ambitions, his blurred vision and disturbed scale of values, and his evil-spelling activities would make life bitter for him and for all around him."

"It was obvious that he intended to make sure I understood that I was a kafir," said Harding, who was forbidden from voicing any objections or saying anything negative about Islam or its prophet, Muhammad.

Harding, who had been prevented from speaking publicly about his case under a gag order, told WorldNetDaily: "He said he was my supervisor, and if I didn't follow what he said, he would send me back to jail."

Harding, 49, has suffered four heart attacks since 1997 and is unable to work in his cabinet-making trade because of his poor health. Yet he must travel three-hours to the Islamic Society of North America to complete his sentence. His attorney has entered a plea based on humanitarian grounds, due to her client's poor health, to allow him to complete his sentence at an Islam Center closer to his home. Isn't that nice? Perhaps, if he's lucky, he can be indoctrinated closer to home.

And speaking of indoctrination, thanks to the city council in Hamtramck, that shrill siren from Muslim mosques is now blasted five times a day just outside of Detroit. Whether your child is sleeping or you're on an important call, for about 15 minutes every day it's going to sound like a tornado drill outside your suburban Detroit home or business beginning at 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. so the Muslims will know when to pray. But if you were to ring church bells – which typically play music for two minutes once a week – in a Muslim country, you could be shot.

California 'hate crimes' law – pro-lifers automatic suspects

"Hate crimes" bill, SB 1234, was signed into law by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Sept. 22, 2004. SB 1234 creates a new hate-crime training requirement for law enforcement called "multimission criminal extremism." In addition to those categories already considered for special punishment under the term "hate crimes," the new multimission criminal extremism training adds "anti-reproductive-rights crimes."

That means if you are pro-life, you are an automatic suspect, and law enforcement is being specially trained on how to handle you. I wonder what that special "multimission criminal extremism" trains officers to look for. "Anti-reproductive-rights" T-shirts? Those who've passed "anti-reproductive rights" laws? Those who've debated the "anti-reproductive-rights" position? If I lived in California, I have a feeling my picture would be found at the local post office. If you think killing children is wrong, they're training people against you, too.

This law also expands "crimes" to include "speech" interpreted as "threats, intimidation and coercion." As long as a "victim" claims the speech makes them "feel" "intimidated," violators will be liable to penalties of $10,000-$25,000 and a year in jail.

"[And] any person who says they are 'fearful' because someone has said homosexuality is wrong could have the speaker arrested and jailed," according to James Hartline, California pro-family activist.

This will be used to criminalize expressions of biblical truth about homosexuality as "hate speech" and could very well target not just organizations who disagree with homosexuality, but Christian bookstores that carry books like "The Criminalization of Christianity" or another book already ruled to contain "intimidating" beliefs: the Bible.

I agree with James Hartline who was quoted saying: "This is the worst bill ever put before the California Legislature – and that's saying a lot."

And now it's about to go federal: the "hate crimes" bill in Congress will pave the way for the very same thing. If you are for "hate crimes" legislation, you are also for the persecution of Christians. It's a package deal. There is no longer any doubt; that's exactly where it leads. Just ask Arlene Elshinnawy and Lynda Beckman.

If we are to stop this freight train aimed at our freedom from passing in Congress, we must work together and speak in a unified voice. Faith2Action and the Christian Interactive Network have reserved the website: that features Arlene and Lynda's stories in two 30-second television ads that you can help air. One hundred percent of donations will go toward airtime. With your help, we will place these commercials on cable news like Fox, CNN and MSNBC and earn additional media elsewhere. And if your organization is willing to link to , you will keep all your names and all new names generated. But most importantly, by sounding the alarm together, we have a chance of stopping it.

If the "hate crimes" bill or ENDA is passed by Congress, we are ready for Phase 2: sending veto pens to the president with individualized messages urging a veto.

One thing's for sure, if you value your freedom, you need to use it now. Yes, you have the right to remain silent, but if you use it very much longer, those are precisely the words you, your pastor, business owner or grandmother will hear before seeing the inside of a prison cell.

Janet L. Folger is president of
Faith2Action and host of "Faith2Action with Janet Folger" and the "Faith2Action Commentary" currently heard in 70 markets.

The Glorification of Sluts

Coach Dave Daubenmire

February 15, 2007

Lasciviousness-- inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd, arousing sexual desire: indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness

Galations 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

There was a day would Anna Nicole Smith would have been written off as the harlot that she was. Instead, details of her whoredom elicit around-the-clock coverage of her sex-capades all over cable news. Watching Greta Van Susteren glory in the details of a decadent life gives me the willies. We have become a nation of window-peepers

What father in his right mind would want his daughter to turn out like Anna Nicole? And have you noticed, in all of the voyeurism, her dad has never been mentioned?

It may seem cruel to speak so harshly about the death of an icon, but the truth is, Anna Nicole and her sisters-in-sex have led an entire generation of young girls away from the value of inner beauty to the exploitation of the flesh.

We get the heroes we deserve. Anna Nicole was a slut, and thanks to her, sluttiness is now cool. The sluttier the better? “Hey teenage girls? Want to make a name for yourself? Show as much of your body as you can, sleep with as many guys as you can find, drink, drug, and get on your knees before the president. America loves sluts. Women are free to express themselves. No more religious restrictions. Girls gone wild.”

So, the fruits of women’s liberation and the sexual revolution lie naked for all of us to see. Women are truly equal with men. Locker-room talk is now on TV.

When I was growing up in the 60’s, promiscuity was something that only the boys engaged in. The locker room buzzed with the news of the latest guy who had “done it” and who he had “done it” with. Most of us had never “done it” and we couldn’t wait to hear the name of the girl he had “done it” with to see if maybe we could get her to “do it” with us. Why? Because most girls wouldn’t “do it.” Parents trained their daughters to say “no.” Old-fashioned upbringing, I guess.

But soon, along came the Pill, Playboy, the burning of bras, and divorce. I remember in my graduating class of 1971, my friend Eric was the only guy I knew whose parents were divorced. Parents stayed together “for the kids.” Today, 50% of divorces are in the church.

The 60’s ushered-in an America with a new gospel, and a new trinity. The god of Me, Myself, and I -- with a new doctrine -- began to overwhelm the values of our fathers. “If it feels good, do it. Tune in, turn on, and drop out. Grab all the gusto you can. Hey, hey, ho ho, sexual morals have to go!” echoed the hymns of the new America.

We must never forget that you reap what you sow.

Last Sunday, as I do most Sunday’s, I was speaking in a church. At the beginning of the service the pastor asked for prayer requests. As I stood there mutely listening to the broken-hearted appeal for prayer, I was struck by how much of America’s heartache is self-inflicted. It is popular to blame the Devil for our ills, but sadly most of what we suffer from is nothing more than the consequences of sin. Although all sin is personal, the collateral damage is devastating.

“Pray for my daughter who is going through a painful divorce.”

“Please pray for my grand-daughter. She hasn’t seen her dad in 3 years.”

“Pastor, please pray for my 14 year-old niece. We just found out she is pregnant.”

“Pray for my neighbor. She is trying to raise three teenage boys on her own.”

On and on, sin-sick hearts cried out.

Yep, American women now have rights. But who is better off?

We have reached the place in America where we are actually planning on vaccinating our young daughters against HPV, a sexually-transmitted disease directly related to promiscuity. HPV leads to cancer. Cancer leads to death. Read this startling statement from Wikipedia,

“The fact that prostitutes have much higher rates of cervical cancer than nuns was a key early observation leading researchers to speculate about a causal link between sexually transmitted HPVs and cervical cancer (zur Hausen 1994). It remains clear that people with greater numbers of sexual partners are at increased risk of developing genital HPV-related diseases. Co-infection with other sexually transmitted pathogens, such as HIV, may also increase the risk of developing HPV-related diseases.”


It is not unusual to be watching TV in the privacy of one’s home and view commercials touting medicines for genital warts, herpes, and other sex-related diseases. My buddies worried about “the clap”, the only STD there was in my day. Meanwhile, it is a fight to have abstinence-only taught in our schools. Have Americans lost their minds?

At what point did we decide it was ok to stop protecting our daughters?

Today a fifth man surfaced as the possible father to Anna Nicole’s baby. And still, the anti-god, morally-vacuous press continues to shove this story down our throats. What are our daughters supposed to think? My 70’s classmates would have called her a whore. Today her death is mourned. She was so pretty. She seemed to have it all, money, fame, big boobs, and attention. But the wages of sin is still death. What a price to pay for fame. Is anyone pointing that out to our children?

Paris Hilton’s sex video made her famous. Nicole Richie has ridden shotgun on Hilton’s train wreck of a life. Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, and even middle-aged Madonna are held up as icons to adoring teenagers everywhere.

And can we ever forget what Monica Lewinsky is famous for? She got her own show, and perfume, and line of clothing. It looks to our kids like sin pays.

Where will the madness end? When will daddies once again begin to defend their daughters? When will decent God-fearing people once again demand that traditional Christian values be taught to America’s children?

My wife and I have two lovely daughters. I guess it is the blessing of the Lord, but we did play a hand in the way they turned out. From a young age we taught them to value their integrity, to guard their purity, to demand respect from a young boy, and cherish inner worth above belly-button beauty. At least if they give it away, they know it is wrong.

They used to blush when I asked to meet any boy before they went on a date with him. “Listen,” I would tell them. “I wouldn’t let some teenage boy borrow my car without asking permission, and you are far more valuable that my car.”

They valued themselves because my wife and I valued them and we taught them that they had great value in the eyes of God. What we fail to esteem, we lose.

The gospel of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are preached openly in the Synagogues of Satan masquerading as educational institutions. Colleges are no longer institutions of higher learning but institutions of lower living where our best and brightest are encouraged to practice their sin, with the full blessing of mom and dad and supported by Christian’s tax-dollars. Let’s face it, for the most part, the church has given up.

So, Anna Nicole and “Girls Gone Wild” are the standard of the day, because FOX NEWS says so. Tragically, I think they are right. Modesty is out, sluttiness is in.

Where are the Dads? Where are those who will defend the heart and soul of young girls? We are raising a generation of prosti-tots.

Yep, American women are now equal with men. They got what they wanted, life without restraint. My question is, are we really better off?

I’m tired of the sluts.

Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

On The Road Again....

Wondering why there's been no updates??? I haven't been home! So here's what I've been up to while away from my computer. Lately we've been leaving out on Wednesday nights and singing Thursday through Sunday, but this past week we didn't have a Thursday night concert. That was good till I noticed that the Booth Brothers we going to be in Ft. Walton Beach on Thursday night which is about 45 minutes from my place. So Valerie and I headed down there. This was Valerie's first opportunity to see them in person, and I hadn't had the chance to catch up with these guys since NQC, so it was great to sit and visit for a little while. As usual the Booth Brothers concert was everything you've come to expect from them. As soon as the concert was over we had to make a hasty exit so that I could get home in time to pack my bags and get to our bus in time for our midnight departure.

We started our weekend in Lake City, Florida and then headed way down south to Pahokee, Florida which is located on the south east side of Lake Okeechobee. Now, normally this part of the country never needs jackets or sweatshirts but the cold air of the north decided it wanted a south Florida vacation! Typically singing outdoors in this part of the country would be ok, but the wind coming off the lake was frigid, and really began to wreak havoc on our voices. But we made it through and headed down to the middle of the Everglades for our Sunday morning concert at New Testament Baptist Church which is located on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. Although small in number these folks made us feel right at home and had enough food for lunch to feed several small armies!!! And before we could get settled in it was time to leave and head north to Lakeland, Florida to be with our friends at Crossroads Baptist Church. Crossroads is a regular stop for us and as usual Pastor Jerry and his congregation made us feel right at home. We were concerned that the turnout would be small since it was Super Bowl Sunday, but we ended up with a great crowd that was full of energy and ready to hear some great gospel quartet music.

Since we were scheduled to sing at Bill Bailey's Winter Convention on Tuesday it just wasn't practical to try to head home for a day so we headed on down to Palmetto, Florida and enjoyed a night off. We decided to go on over to the Manatee Civic Center and catch Monday nights concert with the Beene Family, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Triumphant, and the Hoppers. Just like the Booth Brothers concert I attended it was nice to sit and watch someone else sing for once! Then on Tuesday night it was our turn. We had a wonderful evening sharing the stage with The Browns, The McKameys, and the Booth Brothers. Special thanks to Pastor Bill Bailey for having us again this year this is one of our favorite stops. And finally we headed home and arrived in Pensacola around daylight Wednesday morning. I pulled the blinds closed and headed for bed!!

So here it is, now Thursday, and I've just finished my laundry and re-packed my bag. Having been home just over 24 hours I'm about to meet the guys at the bus for a 2pm departure!! rest for the weary! Tonight we'll be in Long Beach, Mississippi with our friends at Riverside Baptist Church. We weren't able to have this concert last year due to Hurricane Katrina, so I'm curious to see how things look in that area now. Then we're off to TEXAS! As it appears now, this is the only trip to Texas for the Dixie Echoes, so if you live in Texas and you really want to see us then this could be your only chance!! On Friday night we'll be at the Lifeway Concerts Gospel Music Hall in Athens, Texas. Then on Saturday you'll have two opportunities to catch us in Alamo, Texas at the Bibleville Conference Center with performances at 2pm and 7pm. Then its off to Spring, Texas (north Houston) to the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. And finally we'll get to come home for some much needed rest. Thankfully next weeks concerts are close to home and I'll be able to be home every night!

Be sure and visit our website, check out our schedule and come see the
Dixie Echoes if we're in your area!