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Monday, January 21, 2008

Some New Pictures

So, some of you have been bugging me for some more pictures of Ryan. I'll post what I have, but we really haven't been taking that many. I know, I know...what horrible parents! Well, there just hasn't been that much to take photos of! Unless you think eating, sleeping, and pooping are photo worthy then I'll add those next time depending on how loud the public outcry is! hehe, but I don't think Valerie will want me to photograph or post some of those :o) So here's the latest!

Ryan's first "real" bath since his cord fell off.

Soap + Baby = Slippery ;o)

Whoa!! Mommy your hands are cold!!!

Ahh! That bath stuff ain't so bad after all!

I hope his face straightens out!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ryan Picture UPDATE!

I told you there would be more pictures coming, and here they are!! It's taken me a little longer to get to them but it seems that newborns take up a lot of your time. If you're not taking care of them, you're trying to get caught up on some much treasured sleep!! I'm not at all surprised by any of this, you hear it from everyone you know that has or had a newborn. It's just that when it's your turn, you actually get to experience what you've always heard. But in all honesty, Ryan has been great!! Although his days and nights are somewhat mixed up, he's not been any trouble at all. If he's not eating he's sleeping. And if he's not eating or sleeping, he's pooping and peeing! Lately his awake time has been increasing. He's very alert and spends alot of time looking around taking in his surroundings. We couldn't be happier!! But I must say that when it comes to changing diapers on a little boy...well...lets just say that the water works can be entertaining...hehe! For the record, Mommy has been hit more than Daddy, but Daddy tends to be the victim of the soak through due to a leaky diaper. We'll remind him of this someday I'm sure. That's it for now...enjoy the pics of our little gift from God!!

Just before leaving for the hospital.

Nine month profile.

Yes I did...I'm playing electronic solitaire while my wife breathes through a contraction!!

I did get a little tired and bored, so I took a spin around the room on the doctors stool. :o)

Preparing to head to the operating room for the C-section. Now lets see...where do these go?

Just minutes after birth. He was, and still is so alert.

Two words...Proud daddy! ;o)

Mommy and Ryan getting to meet each other for the first time...that is, face to face.

Ryan meets MawMaw Whitman.

Granny Crouch gets to know Ryan.

Although Aunt Alicia has 4 girls of her own, she's prepared to spoil Ryan relentlessly.

Ryan gets to meet his cousins; Courtney, Emily, Allison, and Sydney.

Mommy and Ryan in the nursery just after arriving home from the hospital.

We ended up having to trim his fingernails to keep him from scratching his face.

Mommy and Daddy learning quickly that when Ryan sleeps...they sleep!

Ryan and Daddy's hands.

In a couple of years remind me of these quiet, precious, innocent times!

No Daddy! No more pictures!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ryan Has Arrived!!!

Ryan Theodore Crouch arrived New Year's Eve at 6:39pm! He tipped the scales at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches long! Mommy and baby are doing wonderful and daddy is too!! After realizing that Ryan's head was turned to the side and was having alot of trouble getting out, the decision was made to go with a c-section. And as you can see, everything turned out just perfect! Stay tuned, more pictures will be coming soon! Below are just a couple to show you our new, beautiful gift from God!!

Ryan with daddy just minutes after delivery

He's handsome like his daddy too!!

Open wide! Maybe he'll be a singer!