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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ryan 9 Months & Beauregard Parish Fair

Well, here I am again posting more pictures of Ryan! Sorry, I've been a little off schedule updating the pictures. Ryan will be turning 10 months old later this week and I haven't even posted any 9 month pictures!! So here ya go, Enjoy!!

Ryan and Daddy getting ready to head outside!

Ryan watching his favorite gospel quartet, The Dixie Echoes.

He told us he was tired of his current hairdo and wanted another

Uhmm....son, thats not where your pants go...quit acting like your mother!! ;o)

I guess we're not feeding him enough because he's resorted to eating his socks...

...and shoes!!

He's getting sooo big!

He's beginning to become quite a monkey

This is "Sleepy" Ryan

Having fun flooding the bathroom

He loves playing in the tub, guess we'll have to find him a small swimming pool next summer

Touchdown!!! Ryan cheering on the LSU Tigers!

Ryan's utter disappointment when LSU lost to Georgia

Beauregard Parish Fair-Petting Zoo

Meeting some hungry goats for the first time

Some curious cows

Don't worry, he didn't eat any of the feed!

I'm guessing this guy isn't native to Beauregard Parish

Up close and personal!!

Ryan's not too sure about the camel

Mommy teaching Ryan how to say..."Moooooo!!!"

This little guy thought Ryan's stroller was edible. While I was trying to take this picture another of his buddies flanked me and was nibbling at my cell phone. I'm sure they plan this stuff out in advance, they're all in on it!!

All-in-all Ryan really enjoyed the petting zoo. After that we had the ritualistic fair funnel cake. I grabbed a boudin link and we headed for the house.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


  • Love your images! We attend the Friendship Naz. Church in LA...and we had the same expression on our faces as Ryan after the LSU game.


    By Blogger JudyBug, At 8:05 PM  

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