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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Chances To See The Florida Boys & Concert Event Reminders

As most of you know by now, The Florida Boys have announced their retirement at the end of July. Les Beasley, Glen Allred, and Derrell Stewart, all co-owners of The Florida Boys have decided to personally retire and also retire The Florida Boys name during this, their 60th Anniversary year.

Long-time manager of the group, Les Beasley told Singing News Editor-In-Chief, Jerry Kirksey, "We(Les, Glenn, and Derrell) are all in our seventies and none of us are in the best health; 'wore out' may be the right words. We just feel it's time to slow down, stay home and spend time with our loved ones."

Certainly all of us will miss the Florida Boys and their contribution to our industry. But before they retire next month there are a few more opportunities to see this legendary quartet perform in person.

This may be short notice, but, tomorrow night, June 14, at 7:30pm the Florida Boys will take the stage at the
Suwannee River Jubilee(SRJ) in Live Oak, Florida. For the past 20 years the Florida Boys along with the Dixie Echoes and Colbert and Joyce Croft
have hosted the SRJ. Although in the last couple of years the Florida Boys have stepped down as one of the promoters of this event, they've stayed on the concert as a fan favorite and it just wouldn't be the same without them. Also appearing at the Suwannee River Jubilee tomorrow night will be your concert hosts, the Dixie Echoes and the world famous
Chuck Wagon Gang. On Friday night at the Suwannee you'll see the Booth Brothers along with the Dixie Echoes and on Saturday night The Dove Brothers, Kingsmen, and the Dixie Echoes will take the stage and close out the Summer Jubilee of this the 20th Anniversary of the Suwannee. It's still not too late to come and join us in Live Oak, Florida!!

Another great opportunity to catch the Florida Boys will be next Friday night, June 22, in Pensacola, Florida. The Florida Boys and The Dixie Echoes were both formed by J.G. Whitfield in Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Whitfield is also responsible for the
formation of the Singing News magazine, the National Quartet Convention Board of Directors, and he was a very prominent player in the beginning of the Gospel Singing Jubilee television show. "Whit" passed away in 2006 and in his honor the first ever J.G. Whitfield Memorial Sing will take place at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola on June 22, 2007. This concert was originally conceived to pay tribute to "Whit" as well as a "Homecoming" opportunity for the Dixie Echoes and Florida Boys since we never get the chance to sing in our hometown. Now, you will have an opportunity to honor "Whit" as well as pay tribute to, and enjoy one of the final concerts of the Florida Boys. As this evening is taking shape we're expecting a near capacity crowd and lots of surprises are in store. Make your plans now to be a part of this historical event.


  • I was searching for sites about Billy Todd as his daughter Robin and I went to school together and I have many fond memories of Billy singing around trhe house. I moved away 23 yrs ago, and just recently reconnected with Robin. Do you know where I could obtain a copy of this performance?

    By Blogger Donna, At 2:21 AM  

  • I would love to get a copy of this performance. I recently reconnected with his daughter Robin- we went to school together. I have many fond memories of Billy singing around their house. Imoved away 23 yrs ago so I missed out on alot. So if you know how I could get a copy of this night that would be great. Thank you for your pictures and comments.

    By Blogger Donna, At 2:24 AM  

  • Donna, Unfortunately this concert was not video recorded to distribution to the public. There are several pictures posted on my blog at the following link from that nights performance.

    By Blogger Tracy Crouch, At 9:51 AM  

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