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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Snapshots

Sisters....Alicia and Valerie

Valerie's nephew Mr Brady Whitman looking sharp before the wedding

Is it time yet???!!!

Miss Emily getting ready for the wedding

Valerie's sister Alicia Ammons and sister-in-law Michelle Whitman helping decorate the fellowship hall for the wedding reception. A great big Thank You to those that stayed up all hours of the night to get things ready!

Valerie and I with all of our nieces and nephews L-R: Emily Ammons, Allison Ammons, Brady Whitman, Noah Whitman, Sydney Ammons(on lap), Sarah Cundiff, Matthew Cundiff(on lap), and Courtney Ammons

Tracy's Family L-R: Barry and Becky Ryals(aunt & uncle), Cherie Cundiff(sister), Sarah Cundiff, Scott Cundiff, Matthew Cundiff, me, Bill Crouch, Jr.(dad), June Henderson(grandmother), Laura Crouch(mom)

Valerie's brother and his son, Dan and Noah Whitman. Like father, like son!!!

Valerie's dad and step-mom, Robert & Alatha Whitman

Valerie's uncle and his sons, L-R: Tim, Richard, and Richie Auter

Valerie's niece Miss Sydney Ammons

Sydney's big sisters, Allison and Courtney Ammons were Junior Bridesmaids

Two young cousins enjoying some wedding cake, Emily Ammons and Jade Mitchell

Myself and my big sister Cherie Cundiff

My niece Sarah Cundiff

Myself and my wonderful grandmother June Henderson(she makes a mean pot of gumbo!!! actually I think everything she cooks is great!!)

Flower girls Emily Ammons and Sarah Cundiff. It was at this point during the ceremony that Emily plopped herself down on the platform step and proudly announced, "So, what do we do now?"

Miss Sarah Cundiff

My niece and nephew Sarah and Matthew Cundiff

Sarah making sure she has all of her flower petals to drop down the aisle

The real main attraction of the wedding...The flower girls!

Emily and Sarah did an outstanding job as flower girls


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