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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Latest Ultrasound Pics and New Due Date!

On Friday December 14, we went for yet another doctors visit and ultrasound. After the last ultrasound Ryan had grown quite a bit and we were worried that he was going to continue on that growth track. Thankfully this visit showed that he has leveled off and not grown an extreme amount since the last time. Apparently we caught him in a growth spurt last time. Valerie was getting worried she might have to deliver a 9+ pound baby! The doctors best guess is that Ryan is over 7 pounds and will probably be close to 8 or over by delivery day. So, needless to say he's going to be a BIG boy! One of the pictures below is a shot of his feet. During the ultrasound she measured his feet and came up with approximately 8cm! He'll be wearing my shoes by the time he hits kindergarten!

After the examination the doctor said that Valerie was just about 2cm dilated but still no where near ready for delivery. We then set a date with the hospital for December 31st! We'll go in on the night of the 30th and they will start the induction medication on a very, very slow drip so that contractions will start sometime during the late morning hours of the 31st. And hopefully by the end of the day we'll have a baby!!! So...he won't be a New Year's baby, but we'll take the tax credit on this year just as easily!! ;o) Provided everything remains on track we'll stick to this schedule, but I'll be sure and let you know if anything changes. But for now, enjoy deciphering through some more ultrasound pics!

Bottom of his feet with the heels to the rear and toes to the front.

Good profile shot on the right.

This one is of the front of his face. You might have to use your imagination some to see it, but its there!


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