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Friday, February 17, 2006

Babies Everywhere!!!!

It seems like many of the people I know have been adding to their families lately. Well, here's the latest addition to this earth. Introducing Camden Brent Green!! Camden was born earlier this week, Valentine's Day if my memory serves me correctly. Camden's daddy, Brent, is a good friend of mine from Bethany, Oklahoma. I've spent many hours riding with Brent fighting crime on the mean streets of B-town.(Actually, I keep Brent from making mistakes!!! He's learning...someday he'll make a good officer!!) But I guess my days are numbered!! I'm sure when little Camden is old enough dad will have him out there training him to be the next generation of crime fighters!!(That is if his mom lets him!) I think Camden inherited his dad's cheesy grin!! LOL ;-) Congratulations Brent and Holly!!


  • Hi Trace, thanks for posting Camden's debut on your site. He's truly a gift from God and thanks to everyone for their prayers. And thanks for teaching me everything you know during those ride alongs. It really helped. :-)


    By Blogger Brent, At 10:04 AM  

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