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Saturday, February 04, 2006

An Urgent Call To Prayer

I want to tell you about a very serious situation that is currently playing out in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Joel & Nancy Faulk are long-time and dear friends to our family. They are originally from Crowley, Louisiana and attended the Ebenezer Church of the Nazarene(the "other" Nazarene church in town
;-) ) Several years ago Joel & Nancy accepted the call to the mission field and began the long process of preparing for their venture into the unknown. I'll not tell you their life story but bring you up to speed on the urgent need in their life. Joel & Nancy have four children: Erica, Lauren, Jill and Kristen. Erica is married and living in the US, while the other 3 girls have followed their mom and dad into the mission field. Currently they are located in the Dominican Republic serving through Nazarene World Missions as Work & Witness Coordinators for the entire country. Work and Witness involves construction and renovations of buildings such as churches, schools, and pastor's homes. It also includes the ministry aspect of conducting children's crusades, offering community service such as medical clinics and evangelism outreach through the Jesus film. Individuals, churches, and church districts form mission teams that go to the DR to volunteer their time, resources and talent.

The Faulks have just completed their first 12 months in the DR and have enjoyed the work of hosting teams, building buildings, leading ministries, and have seen lives impacted and changed, formed many cherished friendships, worked hard and leaned on the Lord. And now, they are having to lean on the Lord in an unprecidented way. On January 16 their daughter Lauren, who turned 18 on January 13th, made the decision to leave their home without her parents permission, blessing, or knowledge. They believe that there are much more serious matters at stake than just another 18 year old trying to "spread her wings". Lauren has been found living in San Jose, Costa Rica, having returned there to be with two middle-aged Costa Rican women that she formed a friendship with while the family was living there in 2004 attending language school. For obvious reasons her parents feel that this is not the best thing for Lauren and is detrimental to her well being. Unfortunately the fact that Lauren is 18, limits their capabilities in handeling this situation. Nevertheless Joel traveled to Costa Rica with the intention of talking face-to-face with Lauren, affirming her family's love and concern for her, and asking her to consider how her actions have affected her immediate family and their ministry there. Upon his arrival in Costa Rica, Joel was made aware that the situation was much more than they realized. He was denied the privelige of talking to his own daughter. Joel spent three days trying to negotiate through the authorities at the language school(where Lauren is working at a temporary part-time job). The family has been made aware of several serious and false allegations that have been made against them, and therefore, the powers-that-be at the school, as well as the 2 Costa Rican women stated that they are "sheltering and protecting her from any face-to-face encounters" she may have with her own family. The two women admit to having wrongly aided(and the family feels, convinced her) into secretly leaving home, suggesting that they know whats best for Lauren, more so than her own parents.

Understandibly the family is extremely concerned about Laurens physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Humanly speaking they have exhausted all of their efforts. At this point the matter lies in the hands of the authorities, legal counselors, etc... At last report Lauren has not contacted her parents nor responed to the pleas of her two younger sisters. The family is currently working through authorities in the U.S. to get in touch with the US Embassy in Washington as soon as possible. They are hoping that the US Embassy will be able to put some pressure on the Costa Rican authorities as it seems that nothing is being done on the local level.

The family has since found out that, according to the FBI, child exploitation is the #2 international crime behind terroists. This is not only a battle against a form of terroism but it is also a battle of the spiritual realm. Folks, satan is working hard everyday to destroy the Christian home and he will find whatever weak spot he can to get in. I believe that this family has been doing amazing things in the name of God and satan is not happy with them. Well as far as I'm concerned he can continue to be unhappy!!!! I am asking you to tell everyone you know to pray about this matter. Sure, the authorities can make things happen and maybe get this family reunited but God can get to the heart of the matter!! Pray that God will lay heavy on Lauren's heart and mind. Pray that God will give the wisdom and words to the authorities when they need it. Pray that God will give strength, comfort, and wisdom to Joel, Nancy and their family. Pray that a miracle may come of this horrible situation. Pray that God would touch the hearts and minds of the two women and the people at the language school. Pray that God would recieve all the glory and praise and that through this situation His word would be heard and lives would be changed!!!


  • Tracy, they will be immediately put on my prayer list and I will share the need with others. Please keep me posted.

    By Blogger RevTabasco, At 10:05 PM  

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