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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Transcript Trouble Averted...(Hopefully!!!)

Just the other day I was talking with someone about the large number of links on this site. And just when I thought I had all of my bases covered, I recieved a comment from my college choir director, Dr. Brent Ballweg(Dr. B). He posed the question as to why I didn't have a link to my FAVORITE musical ensemble while in college.(emphasis added by Dr.B). I already had a link to the university's main site, but I guess, once again, I opted for the more general approach and overlooked a minor detail(that always seemed to get me red marks on my papers in college for some reason...) So in the event that I may ever need a copy of my college transcript, and in memory of the eternal legacy I carved out while a member of the Chorale, I offer to you, THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE SOUTHERN NAZARENE UNIVERSITY CHORALEWithin this site you can find pictures of me while I was carving this legacy as well as soundclips from the Chorale's latest recording Sing A Might Song, SNU Chorale "LIVE" 2002-2005. If you enjoy great sacred choral music you can purchase your own copy of this cd through the SNU School of Music office(you can pay me later for the plug Dr. B!!)

Now, lest any other "old" professors come knocking, I was also a part of several other choral and instrumental ensembles during my 4 years of accruing debt. I played tuba in the Symphonic Band, Brass Choir, and Brass Quintet all under the direction of Dr. Phil Moore, 2 seasons on tuba in the SNU Metropolitan Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Melissa Lewis, the SNU Choral Society co-directed by Dr. B and Professor Phillip Miller, also the Chamber Chorale and Men's Chorus both directed by Dr. B.

Another great part of being involved in the SNU School of Music was the opportunity to travel on musical missions trips. With the Chorale we toured Russia, Estonia, and Finland. The Symphonic Band accompanied by the Univeristy Singers and the Orchestra traveled to Brazil. What a marvelous trip that was!! And with the Brass Quintet we ventured to Chiapas, Mexico to be a part of a mass orchestra and choir made up of college students from that area. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to travel outside the borders of our great to country to take that opportunity any chance they get!! Especially if it's a missions trip of any kind. You will come back home having been MORE ministered to than the people you went to minister to.

Also, be sure and check out Southern Nazarene University. If you or someone you know is looking to attend college in the near future I offer you this option. SNU is a great place to recieve a top notch education in a positive Christian environment. And you don't even have to be Nazarene to attend there!!! (Editors Note: Any tampering done to Tracy's transcript would only serve to help him at this point. It couldn't get any worse!!! Trust me, I've seen it!!)


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