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Friday, April 21, 2006

California Education Bill SB 1437---UNBELIEVABLE!!

If you are a resident of California you need to contact Gov. Schwarznegger and your legislators and demand that this bill be voted down!

Senate Bill 1437 has passed from the California Senate Judiciary Committee and can at any moment be voted on by the full Senate. If signed into law, it would force all public school teachers to present to students a one-sided message about homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender issues.

The bill would ban lessons, discussions and activities that reflect adversely upon one's sexual orientation , which would end any open discussion about the issue of homosexuality in public classrooms and effectively silence the Christian voice on the issue.

To compound this bias, the bill calls for all facets of education to be stripped of any non-endorsing messages about homosexuality.

Amendments made to the bill in late March also require social science lesson plans to include the contributions homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders have made to society.

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