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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cathedral Quartet Tribute Website Launched

News Release
Cathedrals Tribute Site Launched
April 19, 2006

A new and unique tribute to the Cathedral Quartet was launched today. is the most extensive tribute to the Cathedrals made available on the Internet.

Daniel J. Mount, who prepared and maintains the site, became interested in the Cathedrals' history, but could not find any comprehensive source of information about their history. So he decided to prepare and launch this site.

“The history of this group is an important chapter in the history of Southern Gospel,” he said. “Yet I found that different parts of the history are scattered in various books, websites, and articles, or are only preserved in group members' memories. I wanted to preserve this history before it was lost.”

The website includes information on the group's history, awards, and members. It also includes a complete discography, as well as information on albums in which members appeared while with other groups. Lyrics from various Cathedrals albums will also be posted.

“To some extent, a project this extensive is never complete,” Mount said. “While I have compiled the information I was able to find, I will welcome input from Cathedrals fans as the information on this site is revised and updated.” Mount can be contacted at

The official Cathedrals website,, is still operated by the Payne and Younce families. Before launching the tribute site, Mount sought and received their permission. This tribute site can be found at


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