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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Update In Pictures...The Dixie Echoes Summer and Fall 2006

I figured I'd give the two of you who actually read this blog an update in pictures of what the Dixie Echoes have been doing this summer and early fall. Our sincerest apologies for not updating the pictures on the website more often. My camera seems to never make it out of the drawer on the bus, Scoot usually brings his camera in, Stewart just purchased a new digital camera but still holds it backwards and can't figure out why all the pictures are close-ups of his nose! This past week we sang at a church where an old college friend of mine, Ryan Gage, is the minister of music. My camera had somehow found its way out of the drawer and to my house so I had to borrow Scoot's camera to grab a quick shot of me and Ryan. So I just took Scoot's camera home with me to download that picture and found a bunch of pictures that I guess we've forgotten about. So thanks to Scoot I'll share them with you!! Enjoy!!

Ray Dean Reese, Billy Todd, and Scoot Shelnut in Waycross, GA. Billy graciously filled in one weekend so I could get married!!

Scoot Shelnut and Phillip Hughes of the Kingsmen

We had the opportunity to sing at the Cowboy Church in Lafayette, Georgia where Scoot had the honor of meeting the gentleman who built his guitar. When Scoot gives me the name of this guy I'll enter it here.

Scoot Shelnut and Living Legend Naomi Sego at a recent concert in Valdosta, GA

NQC Jam Session. Stewart Varnado at the piano, Randy Shelnut on guitar(behind piano), and Scoot Shelnut on bass guitar standing behind Zane King on the steel.

Scoot Shelnut with Jessica Brown of The Browns

The Dixie Echoes spent 3 wonderful days at Dollywood. We performed 3 shows each day in the Kingdom Heirs theatre , the Showstreet Palace.

Stewart Varnado, always a crowd pleaser at Dollywood

Be sure and let the folks at Dollywood know that you appreciate them supporting southern gospel music!

The Dixie Echoes singing, "The Last Mile of the Way"

I think Scoot ate too many of those giant cinnamon rolls at Dollywood. Actually this is just a fake outhouse at a putt-putt course in Pigeon Forge.

Its amazing what one can win in at an arcade! (L-R) Tracy Crouch, Scoot Shelnut, and Dallas Rogers

We recently had the opportunity to sing with former Dixie Echoes tenor, and more recently Gaither Homecoming favorite, Larry Ford. (L-R) Scoot Shelnut, Larry Ford, and Randy Shelnut.

Yours truly with Larry Ford. That night Larry graciously performed with us the song he made famous while with the Dixie Echoes, "Walk With Me". I'd say that Larry is one of, if not the most amazing voice in gospel music.

My ole' college friend, Ryan Gage. He is now minister of music at Venice Church of the Nazarene in Venice, Florida.


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