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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

XM Radio To Re-Broadcast Live Dixie Echoes Performance

by enLIGHTen!

WASHINGTON, DC (Press Release) - XM's Enlighten 34 to re-broadcast the XM LIVE studio performance by the legendary Dixie Echoes quartet. On June 2, 2007, the Dixie Echoes recorded a live video at the XM studios in Washington, D.C., and XM's Marlin Taylor has announced that the live performance will be re-broadcast four times this week!

Saturday 6/23 @ 7:45 PM ET
Sunday 6/24 @ 10:45 PM ET
Monday 6/25 @ Midnight ET
Wednesday 6/27 @ 7 PM ET

For more information about Enlighten 34 on XM Radio, visit:


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