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Monday, March 06, 2006

I've Been Thinking About This Myself...

My good friend LB is looking for the lyrics to a couple of songs that we now sing regularly in our program. I've been meaning to put these lyrics on my blog, but just never have gotten around to it. These two songs have been getting the greatest response lately in our concerts. I think its because of the common theme that they both posses; that irreplaceable longing for our real home...Heaven! All of us have loved ones already gone on that we miss beyond words. But we know that we will get to see them again someday, and beyond that we will get to finally behold our Lord and Savior face to face! And death is something that Christian and non-Christian alike can both relate to. It's something that all of us have an appointment with. But as Christians we should have NO fear of death because Jesus has conquered death and we have this eternal hope within us. I absolutely love both of these songs and although we don't sing all of the verses of each song I'm going to put them all down. I hope you take time to read these lyrics and just let them sink in and let them paint a picture in your mind of that grand reunion on the other shore!!

If We Never Meet Again
Albert E. Brumley

Soon we'll come to the end of life's journey,
And perhaps we'll never meet anymore,
Till we gather in Heaven's bright city
Far away on that beautiful shore.

O so often we're parted with sorrow,
Benedictions often quicken our pain;
But we never shall sorrow in Heaven,
God be with you till we meet again.

O they say we shall meet by the river
Where no storm-clouds ever darken the sky,
And they say we'll be happy in Heaven,
In the wonderful sweet by and by.

If we never meet again this side of Heaven
As we struggle through this world and its strife,
There's another meeting place somewhere in Heaven
By the side of the river of life;
Where the charming roses bloom forever,
And where separations come no more;
If we never meet again this side of Heaven,
I will meet you on that beautiful shore.

I Won't Have To Worry(Any More)
James Goss & Jimmy Jones

Down here the burden's heavy,
and the road is rough and long,
Sometimes our feet get weary and so sore;
But a brighter day is coming,
soon I'll step on heaven's shore,
And I won't have to worry anymore.

Some day when life is over,
and I've said my last good-bye,
I'll see my Savior standing at the door;
Then I'll hear Him say, "You're welcome!
All your cares are left behind,"
And I won't have to worry anymore.

I won't have worry
when I reach the other shore,
All my troubles will be over,
And I'll rest forever more;
My eyes will be on Jesus,
And my heart will be aglow,
And I won't have to worry anymore.


  • Thank thee, TC. ...and for you to be posting a blog at just a little after midnight, you had to have driven like a wild maniac going home.

    By Blogger LaShay, At 9:43 AM  

  • absolutely! two of my favorites! :o)

    By Blogger samantha, At 7:47 AM  

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