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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Odds and Ends

Ya know I feel blessed to have many of the friends I have in my life. One of the things I miss most about being in college, or just being around the university campus, was all the friends that I had there. All concentrated in one place. Some of my best memories were the times we were just sitting around bouncing ideas off of each other. Looking back, I'm sure some of the things we said, or ideas we had, now sound a little immature, old fashioned, and maybe we just totally missed the mark! But as life runs its course, if you're paying attention, you will learn more, grow more, until you start to reach the point where you've experienced enough of life that you have something worth while to say. And now, you say these things not necessarily out of speculation and wonder, but from a more experienced life, an "I've been there, got the t-shirt" perspective. And as a Christian hopefully your walk with Christ has deepened and become stronger. The longer you walk this Christian walk and the more you draw closer to God, the more He will permeate your life in EVERY aspect.(of course you must let Him). As this happens you begin to really see God at work everywhere around you, you begin to see with...spiritual eyes!

One of the great things about a blog is that you get to read the thoughts of someone. Some of the words are worth sharing and repeating, and a quick drive around the "blogosphere" you'll realize that there are a lot of them that are better off being deleted! I'm glad that I have made friends through life that have grown with the Lord and now have lived enough life that they have something to say(not that they didn't before!! ;-) ). One of my good friends that I grew up with through church activities and went to college with is now a youth pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He doesn't always have much to say, but when he does, I really like it! Maybe its easy for me to read his stuff because I know him and his personality, but I think I really like it because he keeps it simple and always seems to bring out a point that I never saw coming. He doesn't update is blog real often(maybe we can get him to work on that!!). But it is becoming more frequent and I like what he had to say today. It's been fun watching his life change and I believe that God has great things in store for Mark and his wife Sheree'. Today's entry really isn't anything special or monumental but I like the simplicity and gentle reminders that are given that even if you don't think someone is watching, God is, and you just never know who might hear what you had to say. Take a look, I think you'll like it!


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