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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dixie Echoes Join Resting Place Music

SYLVESTER, GA(Special Release) - Resting Place Music is pleased to announce the addition of The Dixie Echoes from Pensacola, Florida. Ricky Atkinson, President of RPM states, "I have known the guys in this quartet for a very long time, and we are excited to be working with this talented group. They have earned the respect of many industry people for their faithfulness over the years and I believe they are strongly motivated to continue the traditional Southern Gospel music standard. We are so excited to be working with them!"The Dixie Echoes will secure a spot on the top label, Resting Place Records, and their debut single on the RPM comp disc "If Jesus Is There," will be released on Resting Place Music Comp VOL.4, which will be at radio Jan / Feb, 2006.For more information on the Dixie Echoes and Resting Place Music, log onto: or


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