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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just A Couple of Pictures...

I've been sitting here trying to find something new to post on the blog but just couldn't think of anything. So I started looking through some of my recent pictures and thought I'd share these with you. A couple of weeks ago the Dixie Echoes performed at a concert in Marianna, Florida with the Thompsons, The Nelons, and The Bibletones. Singing bass for the Bibletones is none other that former Florida Boys and Dixie Echoes bass, Billy Todd. Billy has been a friend for several years now and it was great to see him again. This is the first time I've thought about grabbing a picture with Billy, and I'm glad I did.

Later that weekend we sang in Homosassa Springs, FL which is just a few miles from Brooksville, home of the first quartet I sang with. So I gave my ole buddy Dave O'Nan a call and invited him to the concert. Dave and his family were, and still are like family to me. I spent 3 years with the Florida's Diplomat Quartet and we had some wonderful times! We spent alot of time when traveling in the homes of family members of the O'Nan family so I had the opportunity to get to know all the brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws, outlaws, and everyone else and they really made me feel like a part of the family. But all good things, they say, must come to an end and I left the Florida Diplomats in March of 2000. But its always good to see dear friends when we get a chance. Maybe someday I'll find some of those old group photos and share them with you, but until then this is all I have to offer!!

Billy Todd and Tracy Crouch at a recent concert in Marianna, Florida

Connie and David O'Nan, and myself. Dave gave me my first opportunity to sing

Dave's sister Lois Krick and yours truly. During my time with the Diplomats, Lois and her late husband Ron lived in AuGres, Michigan. We spent alot of time at Lois' home and she always spoiled us rotten!! Ron was a master on the grill and Lois always had our favorites ready...Rice Krispy Treats!! No one could make them like Lois!


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