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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Liberty Sphere

Recently I found a new blog that I've been keeping up with. This blog was brought to my attention due to several posts on southern gospel music but the main focus is politics. Blog author D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan keeps a pretty good finger on the pulse of daily politics in our country.

Politics is certainly a subject I never have been really interested in following due to the fact that most of the time I just get amazingly confused about what is going on and just haven't had the desire to seek out and decipher the answers for myself. Trying to figure out what happening in Washington by watching any of the major news channels, its no wonder so many of the American voters are confused when they get to the polls. Lately I must admit though that I've taken maybe a little more interest in the politics of our country mainly due to the recent elections. Maybe its the "getting older" thing, you know, adults are supposed to follow politics so that you have something to talk about over coffee and doughnuts before work each morning. But I think now its the fact that knowing the state of unrest that our world is in right now and knowing the razor blade edge that our country is teetering on makes me concerned as to the decisions that our government is going to be making in the future. Unfortunately I'm afraid that the majority of the decisions that many of these folks in Washington are going to be making will be in their own interest(i.e. personal gain, the 'Democrat-ic' way to vote, and anything non-Republican). It seems that too much of our government is concerned with your political party name and agendas than they are in making decisions based on what's best for our country as a whole.

Anyway, all that to say that I enjoy reading Mr. Lloyd-Morgan's blog. It's easy to read, without all that political jargon that leaves me wondering what's being said, and I love his straight forward approach and of course it doesn't hurt that he speaks with what I believe(and he's a southern gospel fan!). In his last couple of posts he explains the way I feel(just better than I ever could) and he really gives you something to think about as to what we're going to be facing in the very near future. I'll post links below to a couple of his blogs and be sure and add The Liberty Sphere to your daily blog roll, it's a good read.


  • Thank-you, Tracy, for including information about my blog on your site. I had no idea you had done that, and as I was surfing through your posts this evening, I ran across one about me and The Liberty Sphere. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    As you know my main focus is politics and current events, but I often include stories on music, and many of those are about Christian groups, particularly Southern Gospel. I love those quartets!

    Once again, I deeply appreciate the plug for my blog. Best wishes to you, the Dixie Echos, and all of your families. May God bless!

    D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan
    The Liberty Sphere

    By Blogger D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan, At 9:30 PM  

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