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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dixie Echoes Bus Destroyed by FIRE

On Wednesday, August 22nd, at about 3:30 pm, the Dixie Echoes bus caught fire at the home of Shirley Shelnut (wife of the late Dale Shelnut). Her yard serves as the parking area for the bus when the group is home. Dixie Echoes pianist, Stewart Varnado, and Shirley were visiting in her front yard when Shirley noticed smoke coming from the bus that was parked in her back yard. Varnado approached the bus and upon opening the front door, he was met with a wall of flames and smoke. Quickly he grabbed a nearby water hose, attempting to put out the fire, while Shirley called the fire department. The Pensacola Fire Department quickly responded and extinguished the fire, but the entire interior of the bus was destroyed. When Stewart first opened the bus door in attempt to save the bus, debris shot out and burned his right foot and right arm. He is doing well with only minor burns. Randy Shelnut, Dallas Rogers, and Scoot Shelnut were quick to get to the bus to unload and try to salvage their sound equipment. Since the group was scheduled to leave the same night, everyone had already loaded all of their suits and personal belongings onto the bus. The group had loaded enough product for all six of this weekends concerts, plus next weeks trip to Silver Dollar City. All of their product was damaged. Luckily, they had enough extra product in stock at their office for the weekend. The group will keep their dates and will be traveling by motor home temporarily. Please keep the Dixie Echoes in your prayers as they travel and as they work through this tough time. While the Dixie Echoes are still in shock at this great loss, they are praising God that no one was seriously injured and are trusting that He will supply all of their needs.

Any donations to the Dixie Echoes can be sent to:
Dixie Echoes
481 Ronda Street
Pensacola, FL 32534

Thanks for your prayers! To see how you can help we have a special page setup for our P.I.T. Crew (Partners in Travel).

If you're close by go out and give the Dixie Echoes some extra support this weekend!

August 23 7:00pm Springfield, TN Bethlehem Baptist Church
August 24 7:00pm Yorkville, TN Yorkville Community Center w/Kingsmen
August 25 6:30pm Yorkville, TN Yorkville Community Center w/Primitives and Aaron Wilburn
August 26 1:30pm Paris, TN Maplewood Baptist Church
August 26 6:00pm Martin, TN Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


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