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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Rehearsal

Since my family was in charge of the rehearsal dinner, we decided to make it an all cajun dinner. Special thanks to Mr. Bobby Hamlin for making the gumbo and jambalaya. We could have just eaten all night and been happy!!

We had syrup pies made from Steens Cane Syrup, which is made from sugar cane all grown in south Louisiana. It's distinctly Louisiana, but if you ever get a chance to try one you'll be hooked for life!

A great big thanks goes out to Gotreaux's Bakery in Rayne, LA for making a couple of Mardi Gras king cakes for us out of season. They were delicious!!

The happy couple chowing down on some gumbo and jambalaya

Some members of the wedding party, spouses and friends. L-R: Stacy Porterfield(with back turned), Jason Rowenski, Chad and Beth Meek, Ali Razavi(with back turned)

Dan and Noah Whitman

Let the rehearsing begin!! Everything went smoothly! (except maybe trying to corral the kids!!)

Some of Valerie's family members made her a bouquet and veil from the bows and ribbons taken from gifts given at some of the showers prior to the wedding. That is definitely the woman I fell in love with!!

Not to be outdone, Chad(my best man), decided that I needed a few extra "accents" to my evening attire.

It's "I do" not "you bet"!! Get it right!!

Now thats a hot couple!

Valerie's niece Courtney thought the veil was quite fashionable


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